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The Bionatics Agenda

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Innovative technologies for performant products

BIONATICS provides highly innovative and efficient software technologies to model, visualize and manage large territories in 3D. Those technologies are at the heart of Bionatics competitive advantage and provide its software products unmatched performances on the market.

The Blueberry3D® technology

The Blueberry3D technology is revolutionizing real-time 3D visualization by offering highly detailed simulation capabilities on very large scale territories thanks to its procedural approach.

The 3D scene is indeed no longer stored as a complex and heavy 3D mesh made of millions of triangles but as a light vectorial description. The Blueberry3D technology allows to compute those triangles on the fly from that vectorial description. The complexity of the 3D shapes are then only computed as needed in the field of view of the camera. This innovative approach significantly reduces the number of polygons to be processed by the graphic board and the memory size needed to store the scene.

Innovation Award 2005
Up & Coming Award 2008
received from the MT&T magazine.

The AMAP™ technology

Acquired under exclusive license from the CIRAD, it allows to model in 3D all type of plants from a simulation based on the botanical laws of growth of the plants.

This technology was developed by Pr Philippe de Reffye in the laboratory of the CIRAD who spent 30 years of research in botanical simulation and developed a worldwide knwoledge base of about plants and trees characterictics of growth.

Thanks to the AMAP technology, Bionatics can offer its customers unmatched capabilities to simulate and visualize the growth of trees and plant ecosystems in 3D over 5, 10 or 20 years with a very high level of realism and fidelity.

Computer Graphic Innovation Award 2001
Who’s who Computer Graphic Image 2002
Up & Coming Award 2004
Innovation Award 2004
received from the MT&T magazine.