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Consulting and Technical Support services by Bionatics

Bionatics offers a wide range of services to help our customers get the best of our software and technology solutions. Our high level of expertise in 3D and simulation technologies combined with our 10 years of application experience will help you achieve and secure your projects. Below is a list of services Bionatics can provide:

Business Analysis Consultancy to help customers to define and express theirs needs or the definition of technical specifications to implement Bionatics software solutions into an existing workflow.

Methodological Assistance of customers under production or in the development process of real-time 3D databases.

Technical Expertise to operate or deploy a Bionatics solution into a specific production workflow or development environment.

Custom Development of specific software features or import / export formats from an existing Bionatics software and dedicated to a customer specific need.

Integration or Migration of 2D and 3D source data into a Bionatics software solutions.

Development of Vegetation Biotopes with the characteristics of a specific region in the world compatible with the Bionatics software solutions.

For more information, contact your nearest Reseller or Bionatics.

Subscribe to the Bionatics Support Program!

Bionatics provides an annual technical support program on all its software solutions to allow its customers to benefit from the latest software updates, new versions and technology evolution all year long. The annual subscribtion programm provides an online support directly provided by Bionatics technical experts and a Bionatics assistance with installation or migration.

For LandSim3D, Blueberry3D and REALnat, contact your local Reseller or Bionatics directly for more information.