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Multiple LODs in a mouse click!

REALnat Premium is a volumic plant modeler suited to the new requirements of the civil and military realtime 3D simulation offering automatic multiple LOD plants in OpenFlight™.

The REALnat Premium plant modeler offers an automatic multiple Level of Detail (LOD) generator with distance switch included. Plants can be exported in OpenFlight™ format. REALnat Premium is available in "Stand Alone" and "Plug-in" version for Presagis Creator™.

Download REALnat Premium with 6 demo plants immediatly! You may place your orders through Bionatics or through its International Reseller Network with the Geospecific Plant Library you have choosen. Check our Sales Contacts to find a Bionatics' Office or an Authorized Reseller

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REALnat Premium is sold with 1 geospecific plant library to choose from a variety of librairies (Tempered Europe, North America, Asia, Mediterranean climatic region, …). REALnat Premium offers more than 400 species from five continents. The plant names can be displayed in English or in Latin/scientific name.

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