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The Bionatics Agenda

Come and discover LandSim3D at the SMART CITY EXPO WORLD CONGRESS | November 17-19th 2016 - BARCELONA
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The Bionatics suite of products

BIONATICS markets two productlines to facilitate the modeling and visualization of territories in 3D.

City and landscape modeling & visualization solutions dedicated to two different industries:

Blueberry3D® targets the civil and military training simulation industry. Blueberry3D accelerates the development of large real-time 3D databases used in military simulators (helicopters, tanks, urban guerrilla, UAVs...) or civil (trains, trucks, civil rescue...).
Blueberry3D is available in several versions compatible with OpenSceneGraph and Presagis Vega Prime®.
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LandSim3D® is designed for urban and territory planning as well as landscape professionals. LandSim3D allows the rapid completion of 3D sites and territory models, cities or landscapes from geographic source data without the need of 3D skills.
Once made, these models allow to integrate CAD projets in real situation for prospective studies or communication and spatial analysis capabilities.
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3D plants dedicated to real-time applications:

REALnat® targets the military and civil simulation industry needs. REALnat allows the generation of multiple LODs plants to be exported in OpenFlight format.
REALnat is available as a stand-alone version or plug-in for Presagis Creator™.
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