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1.  Abies balsamea

The balsam fir is a North American fir , native to most of eastern and central Canada , and south in the Appalachian Mountains, it's a small medium-size evergreen tree . The wood is used for paper and manufacture and is also a popular Christmas tree .

2.  Abies concolor

White fir is a large coniferous tree that may reach 180 feet (55m). Bark on young trunks is smooth, gray and blistered with resin vesicles, becoming thick, hard and deeply furrowed into scaly ridges with age.

3.  Acer glabrum

Small tree of shrubby form. Young set up branches of a scarlet red. Rather dense branches. Yellow colouring clearly in autumn.

4.  Acer negundo

Isolated or parks.

5.  Acer rubrum

Isolated, groves, shade for houses and gardens.

6.  Acer saccharinum-b

River maple, growing alone.

7.  Acer saccharinum-d

River maple, growing in forest conditions.

8.  Acer saccharum-a

Bird's eye maple, growing alone.

9.  Acer saccharum-c

Bird's eye maple, growing in forest conditions.

10.  Amelanchier laevis

Bush shape shrub with clusters of white flowers in spring, small brown fruits in summer.

11.  Amelanchier sp.

Serviceberries are very popular ornamental shrubs, grown for their flowers, bark and fall color. All serviceberries need similar conditions to grow well, requiring good drainage, air circulation (to discourage leaf diseases).

12.  Anaphalis margaritacea

White pearl everlasting.

13.  Antirrhinum majus 'Wedding Bells'

Yellow snapdragon.

14.  Betula alleghaniensis

Cherry birch, in clear forests or groves.

15.  Betula papyrifera

Canoe birch, in clear forests or groves.

16.  Brahea edulis

Native to Guadalupe Island that grows to 30 feet (10m) with a highly fissured trunk. The large fan-shaped leaves are shiny green and flowers black fruits.

17.  Buddleja alternifolia

Alternate leaves buddleia, decorative shrubs.

18.  Carya cordiformis

Native to North America, a medium sized tree with an open, rounded top. Its bark is grayish green with shallow furrows and interlaced ridges. Leaves are alternate, pinnate compound with 7 to 11 leaflets. Leaflets are lanceolate and serrate.

19.  Catalpa bignioïdes

spreading tree with broad leaves, summer blossom consists in bunches of white flowers, followed by long hanging cylindrical pods.

20.  Chamaecyparis lawsonii-a

Conifer with plagiotrope branches and orthotrope twigs.

21.  Chamaecyparis lawsonii-b

erected conifer with plagiotrope branches and twigs.

22.  Chamaedorea elegans

23.  Cleome hassleriana 'Colour Fountain'

Pink blossom.

24.  Coreopsis verticillata

Coreopsis with yellow blossom.

25.  Cornus alternifolia

Green osier with alternate leaves, decorative under wood plant.

26.  Crataegus crus-galli

Cockspur may-apple with white blossom.

27.  Fothergilla major

Bush with white blossom.

28.  Fraxinus americana

Canadian white ash, in clear forests or groves.

29.  Juglans cinerea

Lemon walnut in forests.

30.  Juglans nigra

Also known as the Black Walnut and is the most characteristic among Midwestern US trees. Tall trees with broad crowns when in open and common in many parks.

31.  Kalmia latifolia

Isolated, free shape hedges, at the base of sunny walls.

32.  Liquidambar styraciflua

Deciduous, broadly conical to spreading tree. Glossy, green leaves turn deep reddish-purple in autumn.

33.  Liriodendron tulipifera

Vigorous, deciduous tree ; deep green leaves have cut-off or notched tips and lobate sides. Bears greenish-white flowers, splashed orange in summer.

34.  Magnolia grandiflora-a

Magnolia, tree with pyramid-like bearing

35.  Magnolia grandiflora-b

Evergreen, broadly conical dense tree, large, glossy, upperface dark green leaves, bears large white flowers from mid-summer to autumn.

36.  Mahonia aquifolium

Bush shape shrub with persistent foliage, red leaves and dark blue berries in winter.

37.  Nicotiana alata 'Domino'

"Domino" series nicotiana with white blossom.

38.  Nicotiana alata 'Sensation'

"Sensation" series nicotiana with red blossom.

39.  Ostrya virginiana

Parks, edges of maple wood glade.

40.  Papaver nudicaule

Perennial poppy with many color forms.

41.  Picea pungens 'Glauca'

Colorado Blue spruce, conifer with young silver blue needles.

42.  Pinus banksiana

North American pine with its native range in Canada east of the Rocky Mountains .It is not a large tree, ranging from 9-12 m in height.

43.  Pinus monticola

Native to the mountains of the western United States and Canada, specifically the Sierra Nevada, the Cascade Range, the Coast Range, and the northern Rocky Mountains, regularly growing to 30-50 m and exceptionally up to 70 m tall.

44.  Pinus ponderosa

Native to western North America this pine can grow to 40-50 m . Although it is currently the most abundant pine in the west of the United States.

45.  Pinus resinosa

Native to northeastern North America . It is an evergreen tree characterized by tall, straight growth in a variety of habitats. It usually ranges from 20-35 m in height and 1 m in trunk diameter.

46.  Pinus strobus

Plain and low mountain big pine.

47.  Populus deltoides

Necklace poplar, big poplar growing on river banks, and alluvial plains.

48.  Populus deltoides x nigra

Tree with null and void foliage from Canada

49.  Populus tremula

Parks or gardens.

50.  Prunus virginiana

51.  Pseudotsuga douglasis

Douglas fir, erected North American coniferous.

52.  Pseudotsuga menziesii

53.  Quercus palustris

water oak, big tree with compact foliage, conical or pyramidal shape.

54.  Quercus rubra

55.  Robinia pseudoacacia-r

Tree with fast growing, opened branches and irregular shape.

56.  Robinia pseudoacacia-t

Parks or gardens.

57.  Robinia pseudoaccacia 'Erecta' ('Fastigiata')

Deciduous fast-growing erected form of locust. Green foliage turning yellow in autumn.

58.  Sorbus americana

Roman berry (cat berry), shrub of humid areas and fir forests.

59.  Thuja occidentalis

Eastern arbovitae, big conifer with scale leaves.

60.  Thuja plicata

Native to the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada . It is cultivated as an ornamental tree and also (to a limited extent) in forestry plantations and for screens and hedges.

61.  Tilia americana-c

American linden, observed alone.

62.  Tilia americana-d

American linden, simulated in forests.

63.  Tsuga canadensis

Eastern Hemlock is a coniferous tree native to eastern North America. Tree of 20-25 meters used in the large frame, construction of the bridges and paving, in the manufacture of the cases, the slats and the shingle. The industry of the tannery uses its bark which is very rich in tannin.

64.  Washingtonia filifera

Palm tree with persisting, large webbed sheets whose ends of the lobes form wire. Set up port and single feather-grass.

65.  Washingtonia robusta