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1.  Cherry tree (cornelian)

Deciduous, spreading open shrub, green leaves change to reddish-purple in autumn, sulfur yellow flowers in late winter or early spring, then fruits turn red on maturity.

2.  Daphne (February)

Deciduous, spreading, bushy shrub, white or creamy-white flowers, spherical yellow fruits.

3.  Laurel 'Otto Luyken'

Otto Luyken laurel, shrub with abundant white flowers in spring, persistent leaves.

4.  Laurustinus

Evergreen, dense shrub with oval, dark green leaves. Freely produces flat heads of small, white blooms open from pink buds during late winter and spring, sometimes autumn blossom may happen.

5.  Pine (dwarf), mountain pine, Swiss mountain pine

Spreading, shrubby conifer. Has bright to dark needle-like leaves.

6.  Yew

Low clump plant.