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1.  Abies alba

2.  Acer campestris

3.  Acer campestris forme taillis

It's a deciduous tree reaching 15-2m tall with finely fissured , often somewhat corky bark. Field Maple is widely grown as an ornamental tree in parks and large gardens

4.  Acer platanoides

Deciduous, vigorous spreading tree, large lobed, bright green leaves that turn yellow or orange in autumn.

5.  Acer pseudoplatanus

6.  Aesculus x hippocastaneum-a

Young isolated tree without any pruning often found in urban areas. Requiring pruning in the adult stage (see horsechestnut b or horsechestnut d).

7.  Aesculus x hippocastaneum-b

simulates a periodic trimming of the Horsechesnut-a often found in urban areas along city avenues.

8.  Aesculus x hippocastaneum-c

red horsechestnut tree, file simulating periodic trimming

9.  Aesculus x hippocastaneum-d

simulates a periodic trimming of the Horsechesnut-a often found in urban areas within public parks and gardens.

10.  Alchemilla mollis

Lady's mantle, rock plant, ground covering with persistent leaves.

11.  Alnus glutinosa

Rapidly growing tree mature at about 60 years with long trunk and narrow crown. Distinctive outline in winter. Height 20m or more.

12.  Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

Evergreen, trailing, sometimes arching shrub. Has small, bright green leaves and bears white flowers in summer, that are followed by globose red fruits.

13.  Athyrium filix femina

Lady fern, under wood type fern, also growing along shady banks.

14.  Betula pendula (verrucosa)

Deciduous, broadly columnar or conical graceful tree. Has slender, drooping shoots and silver-like bark that becomes black and rugged at base of trunk with age.

15.  Betula verrucosa

16.  Calluna vulgaris

Evergreen bushy shrub. Spike of flowers are produced from mid-summer to late autumn.

17.  Calluna vulgaris 'Spring Cream'

Little heath with white blossom.

18.  Carpinus betula

19.  Cedrus atlantica

Decorative tree. Parks and gardens.

20.  Cornus mas

Deciduous, spreading open shrub, green leaves change to reddish-purple in autumn, sulfur yellow flowers in late winter or early spring, then fruits turn red on maturity.

21.  Corylus colurna

Deciduous, conical tree with oval leaves.

22.  Cotoneaster franchetti

Bush with partly vertical bearing spread out, evergreen-like leaves, limited in height as if trimmed.

23.  Cotoneaster horizontalis

Semi-deciduous, tiff-branched, spreading shrub, small white flowers are followed by red berries.

24.  Daphne mezereum

Deciduous, spreading, bushy shrub, white or creamy-white flowers, spherical yellow fruits.

25.  Deschampsia caespitosia

Decorative tuft of hair grass.

26.  Dryopteris pseudomonas

Male fern, persistent frond, slender.

27.  Elaegnus angustifolia

Russian-olive is a small, usually thorny shrub or small tree that can grow to 30 feet in height. Its stems, buds, and leaves have a dense covering of silvery to rusty scales. Has narrow, silvery-gray leaves.

28.  Erica carnea

Winter heather with persistent leaves.

29.  Fagus sylvatica-a

Young common birch, studied in forest type density.

30.  Fagus sylvatica-b

Big beech growing in high density forest conditions.

31.  Fraxinus excelsior

Vigorous, deciduous, spreading tree. Dark green pinnate leaves sometimes become yellow in autumn.

32.  Fraxinus excelsior (trimmed)

Ash stump shoots.

33.  Fraxinus ornus

Flowering Ash

34.  Fraxinus oxycarpa

Little Mediterranean ash.

35.  Hedera helix var.

Creeping form of English common ivy.

36.  Ilex aquifolia

Evergreen much-branched and usually erect shrub or tree, with dark green leaves.

37.  Juglans regia

Native to the Carpathian Mountains of eastern Europe, but often found growing wild eastward to Himalayas and China. Widely cultivated throughout this region and elsewhere in temperate zone of the Old and New World. Juglans regia is a deciduous tree growing to 20m by 20m at a medium rate. It is hardy to zone 5 and is frost tender.

38.  Juniperus communis 'Prostrata'

Conifer spreading shrub commonly used in horticulture as an ornamental shrub, throughout the cool temperate Northern Hemisphere from the Arctic south in mountains to around 30°N latitude in North America, Europe and Asia.

39.  Laburnum x watereri 'Vossii'

They are native to the mountains of southern Europe from France to the Balkan . The Laburnum are is widely grown as an ornamental tree in parks and large gardens .They have dark green deciduous leaves, yellow flowers at the end of spring and summer.

40.  Larix decidua

Fast-growing, deciduous conifer with a conical crown when young, broadening on maturity.

41.  Picea abies

Slender tree, Christmas tree.

42.  Picea abies

43.  Picea abies var. pyramidalis

Outspread branches.

44.  Picea glauca

Silvery green Canadian spruce.

45.  Pinus mugo (montana) 'Mungho'

Spreading, shrubby conifer. Has bright to dark needle-like leaves.

46.  Pinus nigra

Parks or plantations.

47.  Pinus nigra sp. laricio

Native to Corsica. Perfectly straight tree which can attain 40 meters in height and age to 600 years.

48.  Pinus pinaster

Coniferous with persisting foliage, long needles and a slow growth.

49.  Pinus sylvestris

Forest plantation tree.

50.  Pinus wallichiana

Native to the Himalayas , it grows at high altitudes in mountain valleys at altitudes of 1800-4300 m (rarely as low as 1200 m), and is a tree from 30-50 m in height. It grows in a temperate climate with dry winters and wet summers. Its hardiness allows its use in Mediterranean plantations.

51.  Platanus x acerifolia-a

Planting type : Isolated trees or lined plantings.

52.  Platanus x acerifolia-b

Tall plane tree trimmed every 17 years.

53.  Platanus x acerifolia-c

Trimmed isolated tree with goblet-shape, in squares and esplanades.

54.  Populus alba

Planting type : Parks or gardens.

55.  Populus nigra

Forest plantations, rest areas.

56.  Populus nigra 'Italica'

Isolated or lined trees.

57.  Populus tremula

Parks or gardens.

58.  Prunus avium

59.  Prunus avium

Wild cherry

60.  Prunus laurocerasus

Otto Luyken laurel, shrub with abundant white flowers in spring, persistent leaves.

61.  Prunus lusitanica

Evergreen, bushy, dense spreading shrub, white flowers appear in early summer, followed by deep purple-red fruits.

62.  Quercus Pedunculata (Robur)

Big tree with drawn up then spread out port and null and void foliage. Flowering in spring with then ovoid fruits.

63.  Quercus petrae

64.  Salix alba 'Chrysocoma'

Parks or gardens.

65.  Salix alba-d

Fast-growing, deciduous, spreading tree, conical when young. Has narrow, bright, silver-gray leaves.

66.  Salix viminalis

67.  Sedum telephium

Evergreen woody-stocked stonecrop, basal rosette perennial leaves, terminal heads of star-shaped flowers in summer.

68.  Sorbus aucuparia

Rowans are excellent small ornamental trees for parks, gardens and wildlife areas . A small tree typically 4-12 m tall growing in a variety of habitats throughout northern Europe and in mountains in southern Europe and southwest Asia. Its berries are a favorite food for many birds .Deciduous spreading tree. Leaves have mid-green leaflets that turn red or yellow in autumn. Bears white flowers in spring and red fruits in autumn.

69.  Sorbus aucuparia

70.  Sorbus domestica

Is sometimes known as the True Service Tree to distinguish it from the Wild Service Tree, it is native to western and southern Europe (north to south Wales), northwest Africa, and southwest Asia.

71.  Taxus baccata

Fast growing conifer, with a broad crown.

72.  Taxus baccata 'Fastigiata'

Low clump plant.

73.  Tilia cordata

Young small leaved lime tree.

74.  Tilia platyphyllos

Deciduous spreading tree. Has rounded, dark green leaves.

75.  Tilia x europaea

Trimmed lime tree.

76.  Typha angustifolia

77.  Typha latifolia

Grass silhouette, swamp plant.

78.  Ulmus campestris

Tree with broad and round port. Glazed, null and void foliage. Flowering in cymes globular in spring, samares with broad wing.

79.  Vaccinium myrtillum

Deciduous, usually prostrate shrub. Has small, heart shaped, leathery, bright green leaves. Pendent, bell-shaped, pale-pink flowers in early summer are followed by round, blue-black fruits.

80.  Viburnum lantana

Vigorous, deciduous, upright shrub, dark green leaves sometimes reddish in autumn, flattened heads of creamy white flowers in spring sometimes followed by red fruits that ripen to bluish black.

81.  Viburnum tinus

Evergreen, dense shrub with oval, dark green leaves. Freely produces flat heads of small, white blooms open from pink buds during late winter and spring, sometimes autumn blossom may happen.