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REALnat Premium top 10 key features

1. A realtime 3D plant modeling tool

REALnat Premium automatically generates simple 3D geometric forms of plants adapted for realtime simulations. These plants are selected from a catalogue. Their exact ages, seasons, numbers of models and variations are processed through a series of calculations. Once these basic parameters are set, a stochastique calculation* is launched. Within only a few seconds, a realistic variety of the same plant is generated. You can then select the plant that most pleases you and visualize it in 3D.
* Stochastique calculation : the mathematic probabilities that model, in terms of time, glitches and variations in the architectural construction of the plant. These variations are natural and cannot be controlled.

2. Automatic Level of Detail (LOD) generation

REALnat Premium automatically generates 3D shapes of plants including multiple LODs with simple or complex resolutions. The complexity of the LOD levels can be tuned in terms of polygons, texture resolution and switching distances between two LODs. Once the tuning is set, the plant can be exported in Openflight format including is LOD node. The generated LODs can be for instance :

  • Distance 1 (500 polygons) : 0-100 meters. 3D Trunk, detailed 2D branches.
  • Distance 2 (150 polygons) : 100-500 meters. 2D Trunk, simplified 2D branches.
  • Distance 3 (2 polygons) : After 500 meters. Full tree mapped on 2 crossed billboard.

3. LOD template generator

REALnat Premium provides an innovative LOD presetting tool which can be automatically applied to any plants of the library. You can describe and tune precisely the construction parameters of your LOD according to the display capacities of your realtime engine and save them into a template which can be then used for another plant or another project. A huge time saved in production.

4. Interactive LOD control before exportation

REALnat Premium interface is simple and user-friendly. All its functions are immediately available to the user. The selected and calculated plant is displayed with a great amount of realism. It can then be manipulated and observed in three dimensions by turning and displacing it in an interactive manner before the model is exported. You can also visualize the quality of the LOD switch.

5. Plant animation in realtime (Option)

REALnat Premium provides in option the capacity to simulate wind effects with realism within the trees, for helicopter simulation for instance (rotor wash effect) or to simulate a light braze in the landscape. REALnat Premium can export in that case an animation skeleton with the Openflight model which will then be animated within the realtime engine using a specific Bionatics API. The wind parameters and forces can be controlled in realtime.

6. Regulate lighting through layers

Because layers regulate lighting, plant harmonization in virtual 3D scenes is increased. Every 3D billboard generated can be modified by adjusting its textures and the lighting of each organ to obtain for example, darker leaves and brighter branches.
What's more, you can readjust the plant age, its season and manually regulate the horizontal plane height. The results are instantaneous.

7. Plant drop shadow simulation

You can easily add drop shadows to your plants with realism. REALnat Premium offers different tuning options to choose the sun position relative to your database in order to have coherent shadows in the morning, noon or in the afternoon. This shadow will then be exported with the openflight model into your 3D realtime environment.

8. Simulate growth and season change

Once your LODs are completed, the plant age or season can still be modified without changing original settings. REALnat Premium's plants, we could say, virtually spring to life in your computer. Put some life into your 3D realtime database!

9. Geospecific plant databases

REALnat Premium is sold with a geospecific preset plant database to choose from a variety of database (Europe, North America, Asia, Mediterranean, …). REALnat Premium is capable of modeling all kinds of plants (trees, bushes, buds and flowers) from a library containing more than 500 species from five continents. The catalogue lists available plants along with theirs icons allowing you to visualize each plant. The list is capable of rendering the plants in scientific names or in the current language. This library is constantly enriched by BIONATICS in terms of geographic areas and plant species.

10. 2 Versions: Stand Alone or Creator Plug-in

REALnat Premium is available in two versions: Stand Alone or Plug-in for Creator (Presagis). In the Stand Alone version, plants can be exported in the OpenFlight® (flt) format.