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Press reviews

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natFX® selected as the "BEST DIGIT BUY" by the magazine DIGIT, Dec 2004 issue

After a benchmark of the main Trees and Plant creation tools for Entertainment industry, natFX was selected as the BEST DIGIT BUY by the technical team of DIGIT magazine, in December 2004 issue :
\\\"(..)The system offers just about every feature you could want from a foliage creation system, plus more besides. (...) Animation is the best we\\

CADUSER Magazine : The Secret Life of 3D Plants ! July/August 2003

Simulating the natural growth of plants depends on mimicking the actual life cycle of plants, as David Chadwick discovers...

CGI Magazine. "Branch plant"

January 2002 - Tutorial natFX - "In the past, creating a CG tree that reflected a species' age and seasonal colours was almost as slow as watching one grow in the real world...."