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2008-06 Thales selects Blueberry3D® as a component for ThalesView

Bionatics, the technology leader in procedural modeling software for natural environments has been selected by Thales to provide Blueberry3D technology as a component within the ThalesView product.

2007-07 Bionatics releases BLUEBERRY3D™ V2.5 supporting OpenSceneGraph

This new release contains new features and optimization enhancements, and could also be delivered with an Application Programmer Interface (API) enabling Blueberry3D to be plugged within OpenSceneGraph based solutions. As previously, Blueberry3D version 2.5 is still supporting and optimized for MultiGen-Paradigm, Inc products.

2006-01 Bionatics releases BLUEBERRY3D® V2

Bionatics, the technology leader in procedural modeling tools for natural environments, announces today the release of the version 2 of its flagship product Blueberry3D. The version 2 offers a complete new interface addressing the main customer-requested features, incorporating new cutting-edge technologies, usability and productivity enhancements.

2004-12 Bionatics acquires Blueberry3D® technology.

Bionatics today announced the signature of a technology transfer of Blueberry3D™ with Sjoland & Thyselius Virtual Reality Systems (STVRS), a leading procedural 3D terrain editing and visual solution for the real-time industry.

2003-12 BLUEBERRY 3D and BIONATICS annouce collaborative efforts

Sjoland & Thyselius Virtual Reality Systems (STVRS), announces a collaborative effort with Bionatics – the world leader in plant modelling technology. The effort involves building a Blueberry3D database with plants exported from Bionatics natFX product in order to showcase how the complete range of Bionatics plants can be used in Blueberry3D.