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2009-09 Bionatics announces the release the version 2 of LandSIM3D®

Bionatics, the technology leader in 3D territory modeling software, announces the release of the version 2.0 of LandSIM3D, its 3D simulation and visualization software dedicated to territory planning and landscape preservation. This version 2 offers a great list of new features to answer the growing needs of city planning and landscape design professionals looking for powerful simulation and decision making tools able to guaranty a sustainable development of the territory.

2008-10 Bionatics announces the release of version 1.5 of LandSIM3D®

Bionatics, le leading territory 3D software modeling and vizualisation, announces the soon release of the version 1.5 of LandSIM3D®. "This new version confirms the marketing position of LandSIM3D as a 3D decision making tool allowing a simple and affordable access to increasingly rich and complex geographic information" explains Stéphane GOURGOUT, Sales & Marketing Vice President and co-founder of Bionatics."LandSIM3D v1.5 enables urban and land planning professionals to easily switch from 2D to 3D without requiring a high level of expertise in 3D computer graphics."

2008-06 Thales selects Blueberry3D® as a component for ThalesView

Bionatics, the technology leader in procedural modeling software for natural environments has been selected by Thales to provide Blueberry3D technology as a component within the ThalesView product.

2008-06 Bionatics & Abvent, developer of Artlantis®, sign a long-term partnership.

Abvent, editor developer of Artlantis®, and Bionatics have signed a long-term partnership in order to develop a new collection of 3D plants and trees compatible with Artlantis. Abvent will offer its customers an exclusive collection of CD made from the Bionatics plant catalog, classified in thematics and optimized for rendering made with Artlantis.

2008-06 Bionatics releases natFX® version 5 for Autodesk® 3ds Max®

natFX version 5 was developed to manage even better the loading, computing and visualization of large scenes, often heavy in plants and trees, into 3ds Max.”, explains Stephan Gourgout, Vice President and Sales Director. ”the new features of natFX combined with the latest evolutions of 3ds Max, offer together a powerful solution package to design and render complex natural scenes in varied industries such as architectural visualization, video game developement or 3D animated movies.”