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The Bionatics Agenda

Come and discover LandSim3D at the SMART CITY EXPO WORLD CONGRESS | November 17-19th 2016 - BARCELONA
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3D solutions for decision making in territory management

Bionatics is a software editor providing 3D solutions for decision making in territory management. They allow the 3D modeling and visualisation of large urban or rural landscapes and the simulation of their evolution over the time. The Bionatics products especially target the 3D needs in planning and land management (sustainable planning and management of cities, landscape preservation ...) and military training simulation (real-time 3D visualization in high resolution over large areas). Thanks to its exclusive procedural technology approach, Bionatics software solutions offer unique solutions on the market revolutionizing the use of 3D for decision making in their respective markets.

Created in 2000, Bionatics distributes today its products in 50 countries in the world through a highly specialized reseller network.

Software to model, visualise and manage sites & territories in 3D

LandSim3D provides an easy way to model rapidely cities and landscape in 3D from 2D maps and vector data. It offers a high end tool for design and decision making to all planners in urbanism and landscape. Without support from 3D specialists, they can use their geographical 2D data to automatically create a 3D model of their project inserted in its own environment. The 3D model becomes the support for all design, discussions and presentations along the evolution of the project study.

Blueberry3D is a terrain middleware solution pushing the limits in real-time visualization for the defense markets, providing a tool for procedural generation of real-time 3D databases directly from geographical raw data (orthographic images, elevation- and vector data). Its innovative technology speeds up the creation of real time databases and reduces the costs linked to performances and capacity of 3D Image Generators. Open and flexible, Blueberry3D fits smoothly into any existing production and visualization workflows.

Software to model plants in 3D

EASYnat, natFX, REALnat ...
Bionatics develops also a suite of 3D plant modeling software in stand alone or plug-in version for CAD or rendering solutions of third party products. Developed from the research results of the CIRAD laboratory, those software allow the realistic simulation of plants in 3D as well as their growth and season change over the time.