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In 10 years of major innovations offered to the 3D industry, Bionatics also managed to establish strategic and sustainable collaborations with the major players of the industry through technology or commercial cooperation. Bionatics considers that those partners listed below play a key role in Bionatics' development strategy to better serve the fast evolution needs of the market as well as its customer expectations worldwide.

Industry partners

DI-Guy is the leading developer of software tools for realtime human visualization, simulation and artificial intelligence. Every DI-Guy software offering comes with thousands of ready-to-use characters, appearances and motions. DI-Guy enables the easy creation of crowds and individuals who are terrain aware, autonomous and react intelligently to ongoing events.

B-Design3D provides highly accurate 3D interactive visual databases for real time rendering systems for the last 25 years. Our 3D content creation services are supplied to leading companies mainly in the Training and Simulation (T&S) industry and for Command and Control (C&C/ C4ISR) systems in the developing HLS industry. Over the years we have created state of the art 3D visual databases of large terrain areas, urban environments and built compounds, both indoor and outdoor.

For over 15 years, CM Labs Simulations Inc. has been delivering virtual environments that promote crew preparedness, efficiency, and safety. Through simulation, we help augment skills and reduce the risks of complex operations. In addition to its turnkey Vortex equipment simulators, CM Labs provide Vortex Dynamics, its simulation software, as well as end-to-end services for developing custom equipment dynamics simulation software. With proven experience ranging from deep-sea to space projects, the CM Labs team features experts with decades of experience and wide-ranging backgrounds in training, vehicle dynamics, heavy equipment, and robotics.

Since 2004, Bionatics has becomed a partner of PRESAGIS, the world leader in middle ware solutions for the Military simulation industry. Bionatics has integrated its Blueberry3D and REALnat Premium solutions into one of the flagship products of Presagis, Vega Prime.

OKTAL-SE is the European specialist of sensor simulation COTS software for Research and Development as well as for Real-Time immersive training applications. OKTAL-SE simulation suites offer a coherent solution for synthetic environment modelling and for sensor simulation in the following wave bands: •Passive Electro-Optic (visible & infra-red). •Active Electro-Optic (laser). •Radio-Frequency (radar).

In 2008, Bionatics became a partner of ABVENT, developer of the Art'lantis Render software by developing in collaboration with ABVENT a CD collection of Bionatics plants specially optimized for Art'lantis Render.

Technological partners

CIRAD's computer simulation technology has made it the world's most advanced agronomic research center. Bionatics has signed an exclusive and scientific partnership with CIRAD in 2000, concerning the technological transfer of the AMAP™ technology completed by a long term scientific collaboration.

Since 1940, IGN has charted French territory. Precursor to numerous technical innovations, IGN commercializes its know-how on a international scale. Stemming from a strategic partnership, Bionatics optimizes its LandSIM3D® software by coupling it with IGN's cartography. This alliance will streamline the database preparation process that visualize in 3D, large areas of land.

This partnership enables LandSim3D users to integrate a whole city or only a specific building of a Blom 3D™ models. The buildings can either be stored locally or accessed on-line through BlomURBEX 3D, the state-of-the-art on-line 3D streaming service provided by Blom. BlomURBEX 3D is a service built on BlomURBEX, a unique combination of geoserver and database that currently offers access to Blom 3D™ models from Europe, North America and South Africa.