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Military simulation and homeland security

Virtual simulation has become essential to supplement or replace live exercises in military training. Bionatics offers two technologies to improve the realism and richness of 3D databases for real-time training in order to increase the sense of immersion and thus contribute to improving the quality of the training.

Blueberry3D is a procedural terrain middleware allowing rapid creation and visualization of highly detailed real-time 3D databases for the Simulation Industry. It's unique technology that brings the detail to the view when it's needed making it possible to handle huge databases with high level of detail on the ground.
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REALnat Premium is a 3D plant modeler providing real-time 3D and multi-LOD plants based on the AMAP technology. It allows to populate real-time 3D databases with a realistic and optimized 3D vegetation. It is compatible with major formats and image generators of the market and offers more than 400 species of plants organized by geographic areas.
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Threats and disasters can occur anywhere at any time. Response personnel need an adapted training to better prevent and treat these risks. Blueberry3D can quickly simulate ultra-realistic environments to reproduce virtually the multiple scenarios and make the best choice of intervention including men and vehicles.
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